Frequently Asked Questions

Notary Services

You need to provide a government-issued ID that is not expired and your signature needs to be witnessed by the Notary Public.

Yes, as long as the ID is not expired.

Tax Services

Tax forms such as W-2s and 1099s as well as taxpayer’s ID and dependent’s birth certificate along with everyone’s Social Security Card.

The IRS asks for at least 21 calendar days if filed electronically. If your refund is taking longer than the time frame, the Paisano Team can help you resolve any IRS issues year-round!


A valid passport that will not expire within six months. Additional documentation may be required depending on the reason for your need of an ITIN.

Due to the pandemic, the IRS is taking two to three months to assign an ITIN.


License plate number, last four digits of VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), driver license and insurance ID.

Yes, our team of experts can help you obtain the title of the vehicle even if the original title was lost (certain conditions apply).

Immigration Services

Current Residency Card, Social Security Card and state ID.